Well, hello! I'm Maddy, a digital product designer trying to build systems and products that make people's lives easier*

*I listen to users and push rectangles around in Figma

What I do @ work

A custom icon made by Maddy Russell meant to be a newspaper or a piece of documentation.

System Design

I create and maintain systems that are flexible, well documented, and accessible.

A custom icon made by Maddy Russell meant to web browser window.

UI Design

I make screens, flows, and views out of said systems. I test and speak with users frequently.

A custom icon made by Maddy Russell meant to be a chat bubble.


I advocate for design culture, best practices, but most importantly for my friends and colleagues.

A custom icon made by Maddy Russell meant to be a television with the colored bars.

Nerd Out

I get excited talking about video games, new music, movies, or really any sci-fi show.

What I've made [so far]

Prospect Engagement

  • Email Design
  • System Design

Prospect Engagement is a dynamic email solution created by Foureyes. These emails bring customers back into the sales cycle and recommend inventory they may be interested in.

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A suggested inventory email from Prospect Engagement, presented on a Google Pixel 3


  • UI Design
  • System Design

Foureyes helps auto dealerships sell smarter. They offer real-time alerts for salespeople and progress reports for sales managers so everyone can up-to-date on their current sales pipeline.

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The login page for Foureyes, presented on a 13" Macbook Air

Miscellaneous Notion Templates

  • Notion App
  • Template Design

In my free time, I make templates for fellow Notion users. Feel free to use and edit any of my productivity templates, or check out one of my video game tracking templates to have a little fun!

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iPad showing the Job Tracker template, one of the Notion templates