Well, howdy! I’m Maddy :) they/she

A digital product designer trying to build products & systems that make people’s lives better*

*I listen to users & push rectangles around in Figma

I'm pretty good at

Designing Systems

Building systems and guidelines that power intuitive, accessible products.

Perfecting Process

Making projects run smoother, and teammates feel heard.


Teaching about accessibility and advocating for equitable practices.

Nerding Out

Talking about science fiction, video games, or pretty much any new movie.

I've helped build

Jun 2020 — Present


  • B2B
  • SaaS
  • Web App

I am the founding designer at Crossbeam, a B2B partnership platform revolutionizing the way partnership teams work.

As the founding designer, I’ve created our design system and have continued to upgrade the application while shaping our design culture.

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A web app screen example for Crossbeam

May 2018 — Jun 2020


  • B2B
  • SaaS
  • Web App
  • Email

I was the first in-house designer at Foureyes, a B2B sales intelligence platform targeting the automotive industry.

I created their design system, designed and developed an all-new email product, and re-designed their entire platform to support multiple products in one interface.

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A web app screen example for Foureyes

Mar 2015 — Mar 2018


  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Web App
  • Mobile App

I was a member of the founding design team at Webjunto, a boutique development agency.

In addition to leading their design team, I also led front-end development— writing all HTML & CSS with a splash of JS.

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A purple screen that reads "404 Mockup not found"

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